Thank you for your participation and support for our service members.  Good luck!


JK Concepts

Jed D Dabbs

These are guitars that I have built and feel they are representative of my love of woodworking and music combined.

Floating Night Stand

Bein Custom Woodworking Inc

Mike Bein

My submission is a floating nightstand. Last year I started selling these on Etsy and they are now my best selling item. Live Edge pieces are very popular online and I wanted to be able to make
Read more

something affordable that most people could have. I fit my drawers like a traditional chest of drawers with wooden slides. Because of the nature of live Edge pieces every order is different and the drawer front really is the focal point of the piece. Many of the live edge pieces I use I mill myself with a chainsaw. Right now I’ve shipped to 24 of 50 states and I can’t wait to be able to connect with more people in other states.

Sculptural Wall @ 16th St.

Fetzer Architectural Woodwork

Larissa Hunt

1101 16th street was a phenomenal project. We worked with HOK architects to create this unique biophilic design. All of the wood elements in this project were crafted by us out of solid basswood. The Read more

main focal point of the project is the 18 foot high sculptural wall. This unique design was very special to us because it is based on the red rock slot canyons of our Utah home. The architect wanted to honor the amazing slot canyons she visited in the American Southwest. Fabrication of the sculptural wall was a challenge. The entire project was carved on a large 5 axis CNC. Carving these large basswood panels was no small task. We had nowhere large enough to lay out the panels so we had to ensure our CNC programming was perfect. We could not be sure the panels matched perfectly until final installation. In addition to providing the construction process, we designed the panel hanging method. The panels are mounted on an underlying plywood and steel structure. To match the sculptural wall we provided a custom reception desk and a twisting, carved column. The lobby is phenomenal when lit up at night and viewed from the street. See the attached brochure for more project information and photos.

Mountain Range Daybed

Two Acre Workshop

Jon Zweiacher

This is a copy of the mountain range near me, put into the headboard of a daybed.

Corona Hills Project

DLC Custom Cabinets

George De La Cruz

In all of our projects we take pride and joy of our craftsmanship till the end once seeing final result. However, this project in our eyes stood out the most given the fact that not only did we provide the Read more

owner with a huge custom kitchen, but also provided a custom mini bar, custom entertainment center and not to mention a beautiful custom wine rack storage room. All of our cabinets are constructed with 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch white birch plywood and painted with pristine lacquer-based paint. Not to mention while using our SCM Mini Max edge banding machine to construct European style cabinets for a great finish. This project was made possible by our team here at DLC Custom Cabinets, thank you for taking your time to read!

Display Pedestal

MCS Woodworking LLC

Michael Schmidt

 This is a solid wood , walnut raised panel cabinet for my personal display use in my home. The design , dimensions, full size layout ,construction ,staining , finishing , were all done by me. I wanted to create aRead more

cabinet that showcased curved work. The skill it takes to perform every aspect , start to finish , of concave and convex parallel raised panels. I started working in 1974 in a small family run cabinet shop ,in Florida , when I was in my last year of high school. I continued working there after graduation ,until I started a union cabinet making apprenticeship in Milwaukee in 1976. I worked for three commercial cabinet shops in the area until 1995 when I started my own commercial cabinet shop in Milwaukee. As with any small business it was tough the first five years. I wore many hats , basically doing everything that needed to be done. After about seven years I had people working for me so I was no longer working out on a bench , building projects. I concentrated exclusively on running the business, working in the office. This went on until I retired in 2020 when my two children who had been working for me , took over the business. I have always loved cabinet making and creating something with my own hands. After I retired , I had the opportunity to get back to working on the bench again, “in my spare time”. Having the luxury of all the materials and professional machinery at my finger tips , I decided to build a project, I thought was very challenging and test my skills. I long ago stop physically working on the bench but , I have been guiding and teaching employees ,what I have learned in the course of my 46 year career. I thought the display turned out great and would not only be worthy but, proud to have this piece leave our shop, to a paying customer. My last thought on this was how refreshing and enjoyable it was to build something with out customer deadlines , quoted budgeted material costs and being able to take my time with out pressure of going over in hours, to build.

Viking Chair

Clyde W. Cannon

Chair I designed based on actual archeological Viking Chairs found in Norway.  Construction of Pine and Mahogany and hand carved for my Granddaughter Meghan.

Chair Table

Luis E Cortes

My product is a chair that with one simple motion, it converts itself to a table. The main property of the chair is, that it is made with an amazing spice of wood. This is the plant that absorbs most carbonRead more

dioxide than any other plant in the world. And in reality, it is a grass. It grows really fast and it stronger than some steels in some applications and stronger than concrete and some other applications. This plant can be contribute to help the green house effect problem. The plant is Colombian Bambuu.

Child's Toy Kitchen

Eagle Eye Cabinets

Steven Wengreen

Knotty alder and white melamine Childs toy Kitchen. This was made with love as a Christmas present for an employees niece. And should be handed down for generations.

Walnut Farmhouse Table

Chris Keeton

Kitchen Cabinets

David McIntosh

Upper and Lower cabinets for a beautiful kitchen and bathroom vanity for a homeowner. I have been doing woodworking for 40 years straight out of high school. I love creating beautiful workRead more

with wood and seeing it come to life.



House of Bentley

Formations Studio

Tristan Al-Haddad

The House of Bentley Pavilion, a collaboration between Formations Studio and Iris Worldwide, was commissioned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bentley Motors for the 2019 Monterey Car Read more

Week. The concept was to create a fully immersive experience of what it is like to design and build one of the most beautifully crafted cars in the world. Working from a pallet of luxurious materials and patterns that are classic to the brand, the pavillion is created with 100 vertical fins that were digitally designed in Baltic Birch Plywood that create a circular space as a reference to the rotational power of the engine. The fins each represent one year of operation, from 1919 to 2019, and are organized in an acceleration pattern to create a dynamic play of light and view sheds. This project was fabricated using a 5 axis Routech router.

Residential Kitchen

Apel Woodworking

Joshua Apel

Bank Lobby

Apel Woodworking

Joshua Apel

Executive Desk


Shayn Smith

This is one of our favorite projects we have made. It was an executive desk. The desk was made from rift American Walnut, and American Walnut Burl. The Walnut Burl that we used all came from Read more

the same log, we were able to sequence match the burl all the way around the desk. All the lower panels are a quarter matched, and the desk top is a 8 way book and butt match. The base of the desk was an open pore ultra matte finished, made to resemble a traditional oil finish. The top of the desk was a closed pore satin finish to contrast the base and refine the overall appearance. To modernize the functionality of the desk, we used a tip on blumotion slide system from Blum on all the drawers. It created a clean appearance without having to use any hardware on the drawer faces.

Dutch Door with Raised Panel Doors

OC Finest Services

Hugo Juarez

Kitchen Cabinets

Paul’s Custom Cabinets LLC

Paul Stoehr

Painted kitchen cabinets designed and built with extensive involvement with client. Shaker doors installed flush with the face frames.

Japanese-inspired Coffee Table

Steven Diaz

100% wood mortise and tenon coffee table made from 4/4 hickory boards. I attempted to implement Japanese woodworking influences for this design by avoiding nails or screws and focusing on simplicity and elegance.

Peruvian Walnut Wine Cellar

Stratton Creek Wood Works

William Sandrock

One-of-a-kind Peruvian Walnut and Aluminum temperature control wine cellar.

Dining Room Table

The Forge of Greensboro

Jacob Knott

Dining room table I built for my wife.

Longhorn Table

TimberFire Studio

Joe Adams

This table is a tribute to the iconic Texas Longhorn – a unique breed descended from Spanish cattle brought to the new world by Christopher Columbus that later Read more

intermixed with the European livestock of early American settlers. The result was a lean, hearty, and often ornery bovine with a knack for self-reliance that many Texans identify with to this day.

The tabletop is two pieces of bookmatched Texas Pecan with eye-catching spalted figure and color commensurate with that famously multi hued and patterned breed. The ends of the top are curved like those mighty horns as are the Texas Mesquite bowtie keys that hold the two halves together and yet apart.

The table’s base is select grade Texas Mesquite and is carefully proportioned to convey a rangy sinewy strength. Both sides of the table feature the exclusive design combination of the Republic of Texas seal sporting carved horns.

The legs are emblazoned with distinctive cattle brands from the frontier days of Texas through 1860. An incredible variety of personal symbols, they include the registered marks of Stephen F. Austin, José Antonio Navarro, the Alamo mission, Oliver Loving, and many other pioneers. More information on each of the brands is provided with two companion wall art pieces that are included with the table.

The ends of the table are a nod to the state institution so intrinsically associated with the longhorn. The University of Texas tower is represented with spalted Pecan and antiqued steel. The familiar blaze of burnt orange is provided by the shelf which is wrapped in genuine top grain leather and embellished with decorative star upholstery tacks.

Last but not least, antiqued steel rings and longhorn hooves carved from spalted Pecan provide a solid foundation. The finish is a European hardwax oil that has been hand rubbed to a satin sheen.

The console table measures 58″ Long by 24″ Wide by 32″ Tall. The two wall plaques each measure 17″ Wide by 19″ Tall.

Iris Table

Anderson’s Woodwork LLC

Brian Anderson

This is the iris table it is created from teak it features marquetry of an iris created out of 5 different species of wood. I used a French polish for the finish. The Read more

marquetry technique is the double bevel method and some sand shading.

Solid Wood Oak Dresser

 Andres Carbonell

My name is Carlos Carbonell, I am 30 years old and from Argentina.  I moved to the US in September 2021 because my wife was transferred from her company in Read more


My hobby since I was a child was carpentry.  I inherited this from my grandfather who was an Italian fine woodworker that lived near my house and I spent many afternoons after school in his workshop watching how he worked.

In 2017, I started my own business in the workshop that I inherited from my grandfather.

After I arrived at Greensboro in September 2021, and while I was waiting for my permit to work, I became a member of a maker space located in downtown called Forge, where I started making some furniture that I needed for my new apartment.

I made a dresser and two nightstands in white oak for myself; now, I am working on the bed and starting to set up my workshop again.

Kane Light Fixture

Barnes Wood Work

Ben Barnes

This light fixture was designed and built for the Kane family in 2019, also pictured are dining room chairs we made the previous year. This fixture marked the end Read more

of a project that the designer did not get to see. The father of the family/ engineer/ designer had passed in 2018 in a tragic accident. His wife contacted me and we worked together to bring the final few pieces to life. She requested that we use wood that he saved from throughout the years. Oak to build the frame work and walnut to create the panel design.
This is by far my favorite project because of the opportunity to help this family finish up their dream.

Twisted Curved End Table

Byemoor Farming

Matthew Waldner

A nice small coffee table with exotic twisted curved legs made by an Morbidelli Author M400.

White Oak Dining Table

Creedon Creek Woodcrafts

Andrew Stone

This dinning room table was made with beginner tool (ridged table saw) we milk everything thing our selves from logs so a slide saw would be a wonderful addition Read more

to make milling slabs easier. Thank you for this opportunity!

Bunk Town

Dirty Hands Furniture Company

Ben Preece

This solid white oak double queen over queen was milled up with the Minimax CU300. Solid white oak parts were planed, jointed, run on the shaper and Read more

mortised all on one combo machine. I custom build every item that comes out of my shop one at a time. I would have never been able to run the high quality shop without this machine. I have just purchased a new Nova s520 AND the f520! Jointer arrives next week. If you take a quick glance at my Instagram profile you will quickly see the importance of a dependable machine.

This bunk room was for a child with many friends and even more toys. Every nook was specifically designed to ensure the perfect placement for all the special items in his life. I wanted the room to not only be functional but also be a place where he would want to spend his time surrounded by aesthetically calming materials. White Oak and Steel!

I have grown my tiny furniture company with a used Minimax CU300 and only 600sqft of shop space. I’m happy to say that next week I will be moving into a 2000sqft shop space and expanding my passions. I just hired a new apprentice and eagerly searching for another. I want to share my love of the work I create to the next generation. It is possible to find your dream job!

Solid Wood Table

Doctor Wood Corp.

Hemerson Skrok

Solid wood table and polyurethane.

Scruggs Residence

Dog Street Designs, Inc.

Robert Lusko

This is a Bowed Bay Window over looking the Chesapeake Bay. It follows a curved masonry opening. It is what is considered a “Master Built” window. Everything was Read more

made using our SCM machinery. It is all mortise and tenon construction. The tenons are on compound angles to follow the curvature of the frame as the joinery is all on tangents. The window is literally pass fail. Our SCM Accord 30 fx ..was so precise it took our breath away as well as the Client.

State of Texas Star

Euro-Tex Manufacturing

Steven Strickland

Awarded a project to build a custom booked matched/sequenced Qrtr Pecan and Rift Cut Walnut 3-dimesional Texas Star in the lobby of TX DOT’s new Read more

headquarters in Austin Texas.
The star is 25′ tall and 22′ wide. We designed it in Microvelum and cut it out on our X200 cell. It was fabricated in individual flitches and pre-finished for practical purposes and assembled on-site with multiple installers “very carefully”.
It’s probably the biggest custom pc. we have ever built and turned out great.

Hall Cabinet

Westwood Design inc.

                     Joe Martinez

Curved end walnut cabinet with locking jewelry drawers. I’ve always felt a square cabinet in the hall is a recipe for disaster, while this curved end cabinet is elegant, functional and above all safe fir the late night passer-by.

Walnut Cradle

Fine Woodworking of South Carolina

Steven Gaskins

A walnut cradle I built in 2013 for the arrival of my grandson. A challenging, yet rewarding project. During the build, I was pushed for time and all I could think Read more

about was having the cradle delivered to my daughter and son-in-law on time. I barely made the deadline, but I made it. I often reflect on this build noting in the day, it was all about the build of a cradle which I had committed to. Today, nine years later, I realize the cradle was just a special build for my grandson, but nothing in comparison to the joy my grandson brings. At nine years old, he and I have the best relationship. We love spending time together, daily, and to him, I’m the best papa in the world (even though I fall short of that title most days). I love designing and building furniture; it’s my passion. But I also realize this cradle was just a resting place for a little boy who takes up so much room in this papa’s heart. We spend countless hours playing ball, camping, and building projects together in the same shop where it all began; just a walnut cradle. Life is precious. Make it count!

Dresser for Pants & Shirts

 Full Moon Custom Design

Allen Bukowski

Custom dresser in red oak with a water-white gemini clear finish.


Geometric Innovations, LLC.

Jarrett Maxwell

This table, titled Intersection, was born from an idea while playing with two arched pieces of wood from another project. The thought occurred to me to Read more

stand the upper arch upside down upon the bottom arch and bevel it toward the center of the table. I envisioned each piece intersecting with the surrounding members. Once I had the concept a sense of excitement set in and I began looking for an opportunity to build it. After convincing a client that it was possible, and accepting a deposit, I began to realize the insane complexity of the compound curved cope joints needed to create the illusion that the pieces pass through one another. The journey from concept to reality involved the creation of 19 specific jigs, forms, and fixtures and took a total of 199.5 hours!

The table is constructed with solid ash and shop sawn ash veneers over bent laminated 1/8” Baltic birch strips. I made it using standard traditional woodworking machines including a cabinet saw, jointer, planer, bandsaw, router table, vacuum press, and shaper.

Intersection has proved to be very exciting to the eye, as the various components intersect and pass through one another. I love how the simplicity of the form betrays its construction complexity and the way in which the clean lines and angular nature of the feet and “horns”, (which support the glass), provide a tasteful counterpoint to the curves of the arched structure. Due to its interlocking nature, the table is both lightweight and incredibly strong.

I have had the opportunity to create many fun pieces of furniture, but none have been as challenging or rewarding to complete as this table. Intersection is my favorite!

Melrose Table

Goebel Furniture

Martin Goebel

I wanted to design a statement piece that softened hard materials. As I have become a better woodworker over years of shop hours, it’s started to feel more and Read more

more malleable as working it has become easier. Nothing in nature is straight or sqaure so why was I forcing wood into those parameters? Through the use of digital design, I created solid forms that felt as if they were shaped from clay, sliced them into 1.75″ thick layers and created templates for construction. The base is hand carved in American ash and the top is assembled in solid Macassar ebony. The over all dimensions are 192″L x 56″W x 30″T The table is designed in Solidworks and 100% hand made at our shop in Saint louis, Missouri.

Ukrainian Refugee Bunk Bed

 Greenville Woodworkers Guild

Will Morin

Fulfilling one of the 3 pillars of our organization’s mission, to use our woodworking skills to benefit the greater community and other nonprofit      Read more

organizations, we partnered with a local refugee resettlement organization to build 15 bunkbeds for two Ukrainian families who are refugees of the War in Ukraine and are now living in Upstate South Carolina. These beds are constructed of solid red oak and built by a team of more than 15 volunteers. A local manufacturer of luxury mattresses collaborated and donated (30) mattresses for the beds as well.

These beds are assembled in sections, and will have final assembly on site at the homes of our new neighbors. This is one of the largest charitable project we have built in our 40 years. As we have become the largest nonprofit, all volunteer woodworking guild in North America, this certainly will not be the last such project we tackle.

Local Motif Coffee Table

Hamilton Works

Derek Taylor

The curved coffee table is made from a local California Elm tree that blew over in a storm. I got it directly from my local Sawyer, less than 20 miles from my old Read more

It features shop sawn curved veneer edge joints in the top that grain match down to the sides and fold onto the drawer fronts. It features curved hand cut dovetailed drawers. The legs and aprons/rails feature a beautiful radius mitered mortise and tenon joint, that was common in Barnsley’s furniture. Everything was hand shaped. Rails and aprons are bent laminations.
The finish is hand applied Poly.

Dining Table

IHS Door Company

Keith Richmond

48′ x 90″ Dinning Table. Solid 8/4 Cherry lumber. The process was unique as I made this table in my garage using a cordless skil saw, screw gun, orbital Read more

sander, clamps, square, straight edge, small hand router and 5/16 GRK screws (see photo of tools). No glue. Table can be completely disassembled, including the top, with a screw gun. Legs were cut with compound angle to permit mounting the legs at 10 degrees from the face length and 5 degrees from the width length (rather than plumb) together with the center structure to assure the table will not wobble end to end or side to side. The design also provides for a clear space, (except for the legs of the table) for anyone sitting at the table, for their feet and legs.

Kitchen Cabinets

Jali Smith 

In 2018 I bought my first house and with that came a million projects id never done before. I had always had a huge chef’s kitchen in my head and decided to take Read more

the project on myself. With almost no cabinet experience behind me it was a bit ambitious but cabinets are just boxes can’t be to hard right.

The project took me about a year to complete but very happy with how it turned out. And the skill set I learned along the way.
Now a few years later im woodworking full time i have a few kitchens under my belt including one i did for my mom last year which was a great feeling to complete i have two SCM machines now the pride and joy of my shop. My F41es jointer and my s500p bandsaw. Looking forward to adding more SCM yo my shop in the future.

Modern Cherry Wood Stairs

JD Stairs Inc.

Braeden Smith

It’s not often we get requests to build all wood Cherry stairs in modern Las Vegas, but we jumped on this project as quickly as we could because it reminded us of the Read more

days we first started out doing only wood stairs. We were so invested in building this three story freestanding wood stair that both owners, Jonathan and Donald Webster volunteered time out of their day to help with the install. With over 300 3″ spindles and several large 6″ newel posts, this stair took all attention the company could offer. This stair also consists of curved handrail on the center as well as the outside, multiple veneer wraps and a dark stain to match the decor of the home. The stair is unique due to it’s large size and traditional design. The CFO of the company loved it so much he contemplated purchasing the house for himself.

Video Game Storage

Jonathan Orozco

Here is a built-in cabinet which was recessed into an alcove. It’s purpose was to store the client’s children video games and video game consoles.  It was built Read more

from plain-sawn walnut and burl walnut.

Some Give All

Kaminski’s Creations

Daniel Kaminski

This piece is created of 19 different species of hardwood. Absolutely no paint or stain where used in the entire project there is a clear coat of catalyzed lacquer Read more

to preserve and protect the display. It is all life size This piece was built to out of the men and women that sacrificed all for our country.

Tree Feature for Glenn Oaks Elementary Library

KCM Cabinets

Brad Moore

Custom tree feature all cut out on my SCM Morbidelli m100. This was one of the first “custom” projects we did when we got our new cnc. At the time, it was Read more

something that we had not done before, and our m100 was new, so this project holds a special place in our catalog. (now it would not be as big of a deal). This tree feature stands 12′ tall and has a span of up to 11′. We designed a custom “tree trunk” (all pieces cut on our m100) that supports and ties the tree into the wall, and utilizes KV standards and brackets to hold the branches at the correct angles.


Ken Rafanan

Nightstand made of hard maple. Designed and built at the Forge Greensboro makerspace by me for my wife.

Basement Bar Entertainment Center

Kouros Carpentry Corp.

Dino Kouros

Custom-built floor-to-ceiling entertainment center, and bar area. all built and disassembled in shop, then finished and reinstalled on site. all done Read more

by myself with the help of my invention The VACPAD. very modern taste with straight lines and flush fronts. Largest cuts made on a traditional 52″ cabinet table saw, having a sliding panel saw would elevate and help save time in sizing panels and consistently square cuts. the upcoming projects I have secured are getting larger and will require me to upgrade on my machinery. The focal point of my shop is the table saw and what I have been using since I was a teenager ( second generation cabinet maker) i would not only benefit from this machine financially but will really help take me to the next level!

Yin & Yang

Leon Sowisdral Cabinet Maker

Leon Sowisdral

Raised panel wall panel.

Home Remodel

Michael Spradling

Cabinet for all accessories for TV/ Master Bedroom/ Master bathroom renovation.

Entry Door & Frame

Rancor Design

Solid Hickory 2-1/4” thick with hand fabricated iron grate and Clavos. 4 ball bearing hinges and solid painted brass lockset. Raised panels with expansion separation element. Cope and stick dowel construction. Adjustable seal on sill plate.

Oak Dining Table

PG Contracting

Mike Veltri

Solid oak dinning table with extending ends and hand scraped top.

Old & New

Robert Brian Fink

Brian Fink

The Chief Justice John Marshal bureau and The pie crust tilt top tea table were created using 18th century quality of workmanship while utilizing modern Read more

machine technologies and techniques. By marrying the old with the new allowed for a more precise and accurate rendition of the piece’s created while not sacrificing the quality of time proven workmanship.

Gideon Wipf Designs- Clock, Rocking Chairs & Watch

Rockglen Colony

Gideon Wipf

What i like the best about wood working are the different colors of the wood.  What i also think is awesome about woodworking is u can use trees right out Read more

of your back yard like i did, For the one small watch i used Caragana arborescens which not a lot of pleople have tried but let me tell u for smaller projects it is the ideal wood because it has beautiful colors.for the big clock i have the video about (because i like the chime of it)i really like the colors on that one,the rocking chairs is definetly my most prized project because of the time it takes to make something like a swivle glider from sizing down the wood to gluing everthing together so when u come to use the lathe the colours match once it is in the finished products is the hardest part of wood working (but the most challenging),like if u look on the picture of the chair i made and u look at the spindles i tried to make it so the white stade out against the brown which worked great on this chair.So what i think is unique about my products is the start to finish of what i do i start from cutting trees to drying them and when ready sizing it to make a great product and the scm tools i have have helped me with all my products.

Donated Projects

Thomas John Gunther

I built my 1st burial urn when my dad passed away. (191407.jpg) My dad planned his funeral beforehand so his family wouldn’t have to do it. Of course Read more

my dad choose the cheapest urn they had. When he passed away the family went to funeral home to plan his service, when the funeral director showed us the urn he choose I knew he deserved something better. Since building that urn I have built and donated 14 urns, to help defray funeral costs for others. each one different and unique. (154505jpeg) Is another unique item that I donated to fundraisers/ benefits. They are used as coat trees, snowmobile helmet holders. I live in Wisconsin so they are beer bottle themed. They bring in good money at the benefits. Woodworking is not my full time job, but I am fortunate to have a large 3 phase powered shop. I try and build all my shop projects different, better and “one of a kind”.

Gary Bennett Table

Timber Works

Rob LeMoyne

The Chief Justice John Marshal bureau and The pie crust tilt top tea table were created using 18th century quality of workmanship while utilizing modern Read more

machine technologies and techniques. By marrying the old with the new allowed for a more precise and accurate rendition of the piece’s created while not sacrificing the quality of time proven workmanship.

Townes Place Marriott Hotels

Solid Comfort Inc

Johnny Schnase

We are one of the approved Marriott manufacturers.
We have been a family owned manufacturer of hotel furniture since 1981.

Military Memorial Box

Laser Creations

Cindy Rhoades

Memorial flag box made out of 3/4″ cherry (per customer request). Glued and pin nailed with removable back and glass window front. Hand rubbed finish to match color desired by customer. This was created for the customers fathers burial flag. The customer was very pleased and we became good friends because he was so impressed with the workmanship of no glue or “nails” showing. I take pride in making anything for our veterans or military and want it to be as perfect as can be.

Millwork General

Rugova Group Cabinets


Stratocaster Guitar

Michael J Wachtel

I’m a lifelong woodworker who, despite not being a musician, always wanted to build a guitar. I fulfilled that dream last year by building a Telecaster. It not only turned out good, but prompted me to build a Stratocaster this year for my oldest son, who is not a woodworker but is an accomplished guitarist, a banjo player and a collector of stringed instruments.


Branford Building Supplies

Greg Baker

We build custom cabinetry and millwork


Mark Kessler

Nightstands in Ash and Walnut with hand cut dovetails. The challenge with this project was to match all to wood for a nice flow, they were random leftovers form other projects.

Maloof Rocking Chairs

Jeanne Osias

Both Maloof Style chairs walnut and spalted maple

White Oak Nightstand

Gregory Daines

My wife had been asking for a pair of matching nightstands for our master bedroom to replace the cheap ones we bought when we got married.

Leopard Wood Rifle Stock

Dover Cabinet Industries, Inc

Trey Perkowski

Exotic hardwood from South America machined on a Morbidelli M100 5 axis via 2 sided operation

Custom Rifle Cabinet

Fitzsimons Custom WoodWrx LLC

Jeffrey Fitzsimons

Custom rifle cabinet made of curly tiger maple


cabinet creations

Rey Flores

Solid walnut

Antique Oak Cabinets

Kyles Cabinets LLC

Kyle Farrell

This project was designed by our customer. She wanted a panel ready refrigerator hidden next to an office entrance. From the out side it appears to be antique oak cabinetry; once the doors are open it reveals a large double refrigerator/freezer combo. The large set of doors to the left of refrigerator leads to a private home office.

We used hand selected boards from an old mill in Fredericksburg Texas.

Mesita de centro

Rafael Basurto

This is a coffee table made with poplar wood and finished on paste wax.
We were in the need of this for our living room/tv room to help us with food, drinks etc and to rest our feet while watching the tv so it was important to have a solid and heavy table and this is what i came up with.
80% of the project was done with hand tools

Sound Panel Frames


Amine Tazi

The product we make using the sigma impact is quite simple. They are rectangular plywood frames comprised of 1/4″ and 1/5″ media. This product is the skeleton used to assemble our made-to-order products. Without the high capacity output of the sigma impact, our production lead times would increase, makind us less competitive.

Walnut Shelving

Al-Noor Mughal Design + Fabrication

Al-Noor Mughal

Solid black walnut planks with rabbeted edge detail to highlight contrast between color bar (One Shot sign paint) and tung oil finish (8 coats of Sutherland Welles botanical grade, medium-luster polymerized tung oil). Color detail added to accent the client’s tile back-bar wall. Joints are traditional aigaki or half-lap joints, machined on a 1986 Altendorf slider. Installed into existing, sealed brick wall using inset steel cam hardware for a floating finish look! Maximum net weight capacity 200 lbs.

Custom Furniture

perri brothers & associates, inc

michele perri

All wood custom furniture


True design

Hani Abinaked

Interior commercial and residential Luxury design


Old Scratch Fabrications

Markus Shaffer

Semi hollowbody guitar.
Acacia top on White oak body.
Seven piece laminated neck: maple, walnut, white oak.
Matching Acacia veneer on headstock.

Rische Cabinets

Stephen Rische Cabinets

Frank Buccola

Custom Kitchen
We do all types of cabinets, custom furniture ect.

French Pivot Doors

Plexus doors

Michael Hale

This is a set of two French pivot doors one entry set and a second through the foyer. The doors are of traditional stilling but what sets them apart is the custom one of kind hardware, there size and that they are pivots. Our client wanted to make a statement and they were not disappointed.

Residential Wall Unit

L&P Builders llc

Orlando lopez

Custom made wall unit built in walnut product

Kitchen Cabinets


abel marante

Kitchen cabinets


Wood Connection Inc

William Fenstermacher

Stadium seating and conference room below


New Day Carpentry LLC

Jake Day

My brother in law dreamed of having a nice office one day where he could display all of his books and collectibles, he entrusted me with the project. I had to design everything to be assembled on site because there was no way to get the cabinets into the basement otherwise. The turns were too tight and the windows were too narrow. Using the festool domino connectors I was able to finish everything off site and achieve the look of full height floor to ceiling cabinets. I was also able to do all of this without any of the connectors showing. I’m proud of this project, it definitely pushed me to think outside the box!

Readfield Tower Clock Dials

Tise Woodwork and Design

Gabriele Tise

This is a project that really stands out to me. In late 2020, I assembled a group of 3 unemployed/displaced workers (all Covid-related) to help complete a large project in my shop. This is the first year I had to hire employees.
This extraordinary project came in at the very end of my run with the full crew!
All three of my new employees were very new (green) to woodworking. They did a really great job helping to fabricate the (3) 7′-10″ Mahogany Tower Clock dials!!!
It’s a project I am very proud to have taken on with 16 years in the trade.
It also really maxed out the shop at times!
Very fun and unforgettable!

Craftsman Style Queen Bed Frame

Marjorie Treff

I’m relatively new to woodworking, and a friend asked me to make this bed frame. I converted full plans to queen, and started by picking out a log so I could specify what and how I wanted it cut. I made some modifications to the design, and at almost every step along the way, I tried some operation that was new to me (building the headboard and footboard panels was particularly challenging, as were the headboard insert blocks), and worked mostly with borrowed equipment in my shop. I had several problems to solve along the way, including not getting the length of boards I specified, and receiving red oak instead of white oak I ordered. I worked on this from start to delivery on weekends only (I have a day job), and it took nearly 18 months. My friend (pictured with the bed) is thrilled with the finished product, and so am I.


Square L Custom Carpentry

Lucas Paz

Custom hand made wood lamp Exotic wood to make this unique lamp .

John Deer Tractor Bed

Jason Hayes

This project is special as it is made for my son and is my first major woodworking project. The project is made completely of wood except for the fasteners and hardware. The bed is modeled off of a John Deere Tractor just like “Grandpa’s”. The front “weights” serve as a toy box and the bed can be disassembled with knockdown hardware for moving. The “Toolbox” chest of drawers is modeled off of a roll around toolbox. The box and drawers are made Baltic birch plywood. The drawers feature false fronts to mimic a tool chest while offering 6 drawers for clothes storage with Blum soft close hardware. Thank you for taking time to check out my project! This was my first major project in woodworking and was completed off an idea!

Custom Cabinet Line

Caruso Cabinet MFG. Inc.

Brenden Caruso

Here are Caruso Cabinet MFG we manufacture a custom frameless cabinet line.

Custom Cabinets

White’s Custom Cabinetry

William White

Custom Cabinetry Project

Farmhouse Dining Table

Carbon Creek Cabinet & Furniture

John Stacy

This table using 100% reclaimed oak flooring and designed in a rustic farmhouse style. The dining table is 40″ by 84″ long with a double laminated layered top to create the thicker slab look and hand distressed.


Michael Nilson

Our personal kitchen, full gut of original to the studs, joist and subfloor. I molded all the trims and door frames myself. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

Floating Walnut Vanity

Modern Wood Services

Modern Wood Team

This custom floating vanity was designed to feature the grain pattern of the walnut veneer by running it horizontally. A clear conversion varnish in a matte sheen keeps the natural beauty of the walnut shining through and push-to-open drawers provide some extra storage for essentials.

Japanese Gardens

Devin Gallagher

This was a really challenging but enjoyable project. Through my employer Vintage Woodworks Inc, I recreated this waterwheel to match a preexisting one that had deteriorated over the years. It is located in the Japanese gardens at the Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC Canada. It was made entirely of Accoya and all the joinery was machined using the SCM Accord 25 FX. The complexity of some of the programming (primarily the axel assembly) was a challenge and the complete assembly of the wheel was a head scratcher at times. I was the sole joiner on this project from the original design sketches, programming operating, to the final assembly. It was exciting to know all my hard work would be on display in such a beautiful space for generations to come.

Kitchen Remodel

DB Construction Inc.

Damien Barraza

This Glendora project was a complete remodel with interior walls being removed and the homeowners wanting a new “open” kitchen concept. A very small area but the layout was designed in house and the homeowners love it. It was an older home so we decided to go with in-lay doors and drawer fronts, “shaker” style door profile and finished ends, T&G paneling at the ceiling and Cove Crown throughout. I have a very old (and purchased used) minimax but I was still able to manufacture square cabinet boxes and square face frames.

Corey Pelton

Pelton Woodwerx

Corey Pelton

Inspired by the struggles of our world and its people.

Mix of traditional woodworking, CNC and Laser cutting.

Maple burl slab, surrounding laser cut Baltic birch plywood.

32″ x 22″

Trestle Table

David Blehar

Trestle table and accompanying benches in soft maple (2021). 76 in x 37 in x 29 in

I made this dining table and accompanying benches for our new home in southern Maine. As a place where we intend to gather with extended family and friends, it was the perfect opportunity to bring part of our family history to the space. I milled and then air dried the wood from two different trees (both taken down years ago because of disease). A tree that stood in my parents’ backyard and for much of my childhood held the treehouse my father made for us supplied the material for the table. Likewise, the large maple tree that once stood in the front yard of my wife’s childhood home became the material for the benches. Though sourced from two different maple trees growing in different locations, the resulting lumber was fortunately nearly identical in its coloring and made for a unified dining set.

As the dining table is the place in our home where everyone in the family routinely congregates, it goes without saying that being able to create this piece made from materials tied directly to our family roots makes for a very special place for us to sit together and make memories in this new home.

Desk and Bookcase

Optimum Furniture and Millwork

Peter Gilbert

Complete Office build for Cory at Nexus 21. Desk, bookcase and lifting screen credenza all built by us at Optimum Furniture and Millwork.

Tradeshow Display

S+L Millworks Inc

Ronald Sato

Our hospitality-oriented work all but vanished during Covid. That is when we were contacted by Arturo Fuente Cigars and Suncoast Displays and asked to help design and build their display cabinetry for the annual Premium Cigar Association tradeshow in Las Vegas. A plan was developed to build the 20-foot wide by 20-foot deep by up to 12-foot-tall display and storage cabinetry. In addition to the outward facing cabinets, a full-size door entry would lead to an interior conference room. Since it was for use in a tradeshow, setting the cabinets up in the small window of time would be a must.

Photos are courtesy of Suncoast Display.

Since our team of four craftsmen, had done work for the corporate office of Arturo Fuente Cigars, including the reception area, a private office, and a boardroom, we understood that a high level of execution would be required. Before he passed away, our team had the opportunity to meet Mr. Carlos Fuente, the second-generation owner and master cigar maker. While completing a project for his home, he stated, “I wasn’t trying to be the biggest cigar maker, I just wanted to be the best.” It was an honor to work for this client and we will always do our best to live up to the high standard.
The display was built using poplar core maple veneer plywood and maple solid lumber and stained black with a slight rub through to mimic some aging. Key to our construction would be to build the unit in manageable pieces, well over forty in all. It would need to have a seamless fit and finish. Our faithful, second-hand, decades old SCMI SI 320 sliding table saw was integral in cutting up all of the cabinet panels square and to dimension.

Suncoast Displays will set up the Arturo Fuente booth every July for years to come. And every year our team will get to relive our memories and take pride in the projects we fabricated for this century old business.

Family Tree

Wilson Wildlife Sculpture

Chris Wilson

A butterfly and a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers, each carved in wood and realistically painted, combine in this sculpture to create a story of partnership and curiosity. Eastern Tiger Swallowtails are one of the most common butterflies in North America and the state butterfly of Georgia. I chose to portray one in wood to emphasize its fragility while also showing it in its natural habitat. Joined by the pair of woodpeckers, it evokes the joy of seeing such a rare and beautiful scene in nature. Witnessing a Pileated Woodpecker, the largest living woodpecker in North America, is quite memorable. These magnificent, flashy, loud but shy birds prefer old growth forests with standing dead trees. They occupy the same territories throughout their life, establishing family bonds. In fact, they are known to mate for life. Consequently, I also wanted to tell the story of a family, interconnectedness, and the beauty of nature. After all, we all share this planet and its resources.

I have been passionate about birds, butterflies, nature, and woodworking my whole life. As a result, I strive to create one-of-a-kind, innovative sculptures that push the boundaries of wood. “Family Tree” is an eye-catching, engaging wood sculpture that stands 6’8” tall with its plinth stand. It has won awards across the country and definitely draws attention.

I would love to be chosen as a finalist and have the opportunity to promote SCM and the International Woodworking Fair on my social media accounts. With over 16,000 followers, I believe I can give your organization a large degree of public exposure. Of course, I would love to win a new table saw, too, as it would be a great help in creating my pedestals and sculptures. Thank you for this opportunity and for your quality tools, service, and equipment. Finally, congratulations on your 70th anniversary!

Wrist Watch on Stand


levi Kleinsasser

I made this watch out of carigana trees right out of my back yard the colors make it my most unique product i have have to dry the wood first then size it down and without my scm tools i could not do such a good job.

Grandfather Clock

Ed Schwartz

I built this clock for my great grandson, so it’s truly a grandfather clock in every sense of the word! I wanted to build something to outlast me that could be passed on for future generations in my family to enjoy, that was both meaningful and representative of my passion for woodwork. The clock itself is fully-functioning and made entirely out of baltic birch plywood – even the gears! Each piece was hand-crafted using custom-built jigs. It was a lot of fun to build and I’m grateful that my love of woodworking has carried on to my son who has built his own custom cabinetry business. Winning this contest would not only make for even more amazing stories/memories associated with this clock, but I’d also love the opportunity to gift the sliding table saw to my son to help grow his business. I appreciate the opportunity to showcase my work and greatly appreciate your vote!

Wooden Eyeware

Salvatore Bono

This project best represents my love for wood.
My aim was to make eyeglass frames using only wood.
Therefore, the hinges were also designed and made of wood,
without metal parts or screws, and this allowed me to obtain a super light product.
I also decorated them with inlays made with different types of wood.

Writing Desk

Frank Nadell Furnituremaker

A special writing desk to write a letter to a special loved one. Features: Traditional solid wood construction including mortise and tenon joints and hand cut dovetails on the drawer. Materials: Bubinga, Curly Maple, Gaboon Ebony, fabric upholstry, Mother of Pearl.

Cutting Board

Home hobbyist

Michael Hughes

Making a joa end grain cutting board with my 15 year old

New York Palace Hotel Bar

Lior LLC

Dror Heymann

My Name is Dror Heymann, I am a designer and sculptor with who has lived and worked in New York City for the last 20 years. I use elements of the human body and nature to create pieces of art that will enhance, rather than outshine, their settings. My architectural projects and sculptures blend natural shapes with the formal elegance of contemporary sculpture. I incorporate traditional woodworking joinery with the latest machinery and technology.

A few years ago, I was commissioned by The Palace Hotel in New York City to create a very unique sculpture for one of its secret spaces. My concept for the bar was modern and fluid, just like the overall design of The Palace. Using custom paints and techniques, I created a futuristic finish for this piece of art that gave The Palace guests a look they have never seen.
I created the bar base from multiple layers of wood carved or should I say sculpted with a five axis CNC router. The bar top was made on just a three-axis machine. The finish was a high-impact epoxy with metal powder infused into the mixture. It was then polished and buffed to a mirror finish for the result you see in the photos.

Riverport Kitchen

Steve Wallin Furniture

Steve Wallin

Custom kitchen cabinetry, rift sawn white oak veneer, stitched and pressed in house.


Elite Kitchens Inc

Jake Friesen

We build about 2-5 Kitchens a week depending on how big the projects are! This machine would be awesome!

Reeded Radius Fireplace

Thorpe Concepts

Caleb Thorpe

Projects completes for a residential home. A double sided fireplace with 480, 9ft pieces of 3/4 half round. 3″ radius corners and no visible fasteners with matching night stands

Cabinets Millwork

D.C.M. Deerfield Cabinets & Millwork


Commercial millwork, production runs, custom pieces.

Wall Unit

Unique Custom Cabinet

Jonathan Faieta

Wall unit for apartment in fisher island miami florida

Strange Angles Ash Bench

LMG Workshops

Jon Dostert

This is a heavy ash bench made from 10/4 ash. It has the legs at angles and set back from the edge of the bench seat on opposite sides. The bench edges are also angled on the edge and face to create some interesting lines.


Lanzi Designs and Cabinetry, Inc.

Stefano Lanzi

Dust Collection


Jib Crane

Solid Wood Furniture

Wieler’s Realty LLC

Heinrich Wieler

Solid Wood furniture and cabinet doors


Cardinal Fine Cabinetry

Paul Bilyea

A couple had approached us looking for a unique way of turning an empty metal building they had on their property into a private social gathering space. We worked with them on some concepts and hit upon the idea of making it into a 1920’s speakeasy, complete with bar, banquettes, pool room and stage. When viewed from the outside you would never know this place existed.
*The focus of this submission will be on the bar.
The main portion of the cabinetry was made from wormy maple with a stain and hand applied glaze. We have an artisan on staff who did all of the gold leafing details around the doors and ceiling and, unrelated to millwork, a faux brick barrel ceiling.
You will notice a hidden pivot door in one of the photos that opens up into a private alcohol storage room that pays homage to the period even further by making each of the shelves look like old wooden crates that have been stacked together.
Not shown in these photos was a men’s washroom where we recycled original whiskey barrels and made them into furniture pieces.
It was an extremely fun project to do with some enjoyable clients who allowed us to be able to create for them a one-of-a-kind space.

LED Light Display

Pella Corporation – Shenandoah Operations – Custom Wood Windows & Doors Plant

Rory Glenn

As the custom window & door manufacturing plant for Pella Corporation Architect Series Products, we get the opportunity to to work with some of the most creative customers, designers, engineers, & architects on the planet. For this customer request, we crafted a custom guitar-shaped window complete with LED-lighting inset into smoky grey glass to be put on display in the lobby of their recording studio. It’s just one of many examples of how we here at Pella strive to blend technological precision with passion for what we do to craft truly innovative & exquisite windows & doors.

Wave Table

SAW Creations LLC

Scott White

We sawed the lumber for this table about 5 years ago. It was a dead walnut tree laying on the edge of a pasture in Central Kansas. We slabbed the pieces out and stored them in our wood shed. When the slabs dried enough to use we knew we wanted to do something different this time. 99% of our work in our shop is custom ordered, so we rarely get to build something we dream up without any input from a customer. This was our chance to have 100% creative control. We have built walnut book-matched tables with a standard joint multiple times already and wanted a one of a kind look. The main wave joint was hand cut and then a template was also cut by hand to use a router and clean the edges for a clean glue joint. We used 2 thin veneers of Hard maple and 1 piece of Cherry to accent the wave joint. This table also features a bullet on the edge of the table that was shot into the tree by an unknown gunman. Its just one of the elements that makes this table so special. We used a commercial grade poly finish on the top. It is a an Ora Verde Acrylic in a Flat sheen. We also wanted the base of the table to compliment the top joint, so we produced leg sections with a curve to mimic the wave. This was done by cutting dozens of walnut pieces at about 1 1/4″ wide and putting about a 3 degree angle on all of them and slowing gluing sections together to create a curve. The rest of the curve was then smoothed out by a grinder. This is by far the most unique table we have built in our shop in 10 years. Our team loves a creative challenge and enjoys building furniture that will last a lifetime.

Kenneth F. Jones

Woodworking Dynamics Inc.

Kenneth Jones

Wood doors, windows and mouldings

Custom Kitchens

Imperial Architectural millwork

Eric Espinola

In imperial Architectural Millwork our biggest desire is provide a beautiful and efficient kitchen as possible with the highest quality product, materials and hardware.

Art Installation

AWM Group

Cesar Naranjo

Permanent Art installation at Quadro by Chilean artist Francisco Del Río. Look for our next post! Made@AWM
Comtemporary kitchen
Store at comercial center

we already have some scm products but we need this sliding


Artifakt Furniture Co.

Antoni Spizzirri

Full length, pivot, standing mirror

Mitre Station

Russtic Grains

Russ Cowart

This mitre station was built from a locally harvested Honey Locust tree from the CSU campus.

Walnut Advent Calendar

Dan Jung

This is an advent calendar that was built for my 2 boys to stuff Christmas gifts. The drawer face and handles are both made from walnut.

Shaker Box

Heartwood Shaker

Tom Lang

Timeless, near perfect in its simple design. I make these to sell for Alzheimers research. It reminds people to preserve their memories, which in the end is all we have.
Sizes 1-3. Species are cherry, maple & pine. Finished in Tung and or acrylic paint.

River Bar

Salix Cabinetry Inc

Scott Good

Cherry cut on Scm record 132

Double Hung Windows

Stewart Brannen Millworks

Bradford Stewart

These windows are rated to withstand hurricane force winds and direct impacts from windborne dibris. They operate with historic weights, pulleys & chains and they are radius-in-plane with bent impact glass. All wooden components of these windows were machined on SCM CNC routers (240 & 132). Lineal moulding profiles where machined on a 9″ SCM CNC moulder.

Terry Lewis

Scrolled Edge

Terry Lewis


Custom Cabinets



Custom Cabinets


Saskatoon Sports Field Solutions

David M. Maroniuk

Mini max

Towel of Jewels

Marc Pierre

A walnut piece that I turned on a lathe.It is intended for storage of jewelry, both in the top section and where you see the small holes around the lower section. The small holes can either have earrings attached at each one or, for more storage, little metal rods of brass or other metal can be put in each hole protruding at an angle and allowing storage of rings or earrings that you can slide on the rods. The top section can store chains or rings or earrings as well. The shape is unique providing an attractive setting for the storage of jewelry. As you can see, the top cap fits perfectly as it does not fall off when turned upside down. I hope you find this to be a nice aesthetic and functional creation. Thank you.


A G Harlley

Atsu Harlley

All types of cabinets




This custom floating vanity was designed to feature the grain pattern of the walnut veneer by running it horizontally. A clear conversion varnish in a matte sheen keeps the natural beauty of the walnut shining through and push-to-open drawers provide some extra storage for essentials.

Farm Library

Dimitrios & Company

Dimitrios Louvros

This is a fully custom, 2 Story Round Library that I had completed back in 2007. Also Features a hidden bookcase. This project took me almost 2 years to complete along with work in other areas of the house. I designed, fabricated and installed everything mostly myself with a few helping hands. We were and still are a small family run shop (Myself, Brother and Son), and this is probably the largest project we have ever done.

This project was the reason for me to purchase a 2004 SCM Record 125 CNC which we still use to this day and has been running strong ever since. It was challenging for me as I had to teach myself how to use the CNC as this was the first computerized machine I had ever bought, but I somehow made it through. This project would have not been possible without that CNC, and the array of other various original Green Colored SCM tools we have (Table saw, Sliding Saw, Planers, Molders, Sander,etc.) that I’ve had since the 80s and are still used today.


Richard Dalton

Gate between front yard and backyard. It is made of CVG Douglas Fir and it was a Christmas gift for my sister. It was the biggest project (by physical size) I have completed in my garage shop and it was also my second attempt at making drawbored mortise and tenon joints. My sister loves it and I am pleased with how it turned out.

Shaker Bench

Thomas Tran

This is a Shaker Bench that I made for my beloved sister. The seat was cherry, the back stretcher was quilted maple, all spindles and legs were maple. She is no longer with us but she really enjoyed this bench. I still can recall her sitting on it, with a big grin!

His and Hers Thrones

Timberlight Designs

Jonathan & Tanya Jung

Two dignified throne chairs comfortably fitted for a king and queen.

As rewarding as these were to make, they hold much more meaning to us than meets the eye. We are a husband & wife woodworking team on an island off the coast of Washington. During building these, our first child was born. Lochland visited the shop only once and then he tragically passed before we could complete them. Going back to work on them was hard, as they reminded us so strongly of him. So what is captured with these chairs represents the best and worst of this life: creativity, relationship, and passing.

Viewed separately, each piece is highlighted in their uniqueness: cues of strength and stability seen in Medieval furnishings for his, and a form of elegance and grace from Victorian decor for hers. Details include a hidden compartment, resin inlays, and natural edge with stabilized bark & moss intact. Both are from solid black walnut and were made freehand with traditional power tools.

These are the first chairs either of us have made. As we continue to grow our family and our business, these thrones will always remind us of a very significant life chapter.


Custom Woodworks

Horacio Rua

Unique, Custom made Recording Studio reception Desk and Kitchen. I makes it special, the wall separating the reception and Kitchen made out of Rosewood and glass. Also the upper cabinets in the kitchen with a chemmetal finish. Island & recycling center custom made with quartz stone waterfall.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Mb kitchen Design

Walter Banegas

Custom made cabinetry

Mesa de Agedrez

Square L Custom Carpentry

Lucas Paz

Custom table Mahogany Wood and Sapeli Wood and walnut wood and cebra wood And chairs Ipe Wood.

Candle Stand and Side Stand

John Gorrell Woodworking

John Gorrell

Made for an Anglican Church Chapel and matching the overall decor of the church. I kept everything pretty simple and made the arches similar to the main church. All of the joints are mitered in kind of Craftsman fashion. All quarter sawn white oak with stain and finish to match the pews and kneelers.

Floating Walnut Vanity


I remodeled my grandson’s first home which was outdated and out of proportion to the main living area. All cabinets build from scratch using melamine for the boxes and 4/4 white oak for the finishes. See attached picture showing the before, after and tools used including a SCM 24″ thickness planer, circa 1988. Thanks, Paul

Lifesize Hobbit Door

Millspek, inc

Richard Johnson

Reverse designed and built a 7.5’ tall hobbit door from images. Had to CAD design a functional hinge system and build all wood and steel components from scratch. Entire wall had to be constructed and strengthened to hold the weight of the solid 2.5” thick door. Believe it is one of a kind as the one in movie was a prop and not functional, even used hidden electro magnetic locking mechanisms.
Had to turn pieces on lathe of oversized doorknob , many parts were cut on CNC router, then hand carved to look authentic even more authentic. All trim work was CNC to match radiuses of door, then carved with patterns. Thank you for considering my hard work.

Furniture Design

Spring Creek Colony Farming Co

Kevin Hofer

Furniture Design

Auburn Performing Arts Center


zach deas

This is the Gouge performing arts center at Auburn University. The entire project is made from quarter sawn longleaf pine. We could not find a sawmill to quarter saw longleaf pine for us so we hired a mill to saw cants. We then took these cants and quarter sawed them inhouse before sending the green lumber out for drying. Some of the cants were sliced into veneers as well. We can truly say we produced every aspect of this millwork project right down to making the raw material. The radius work you see is veneered MDF. All of the MDF and loose veneer parts were cut using one of our 5 axis SCM routers. All of the standing and running trim you see was run through our SCM topset master, molder. SCM is a valued equipment partner and their partnership has made it easier for us to create quality millwork installations like the Gouge Performing Arts Center.

Bathroom Vanity

Sean Moore Furniture

Sean Moore

This is the largest piece I have built to date, an 86″ double sink walnut bathroom vanity. The doors and drawer fronts are continuous grain walnut veneer, and the case is walnut plywood. The drawers are made from soft maple.

Bourbon Cabinet

Wood on Wood Designs

Ken Gillen

My clients requested a cabinet to store and display his collection of bourbon. After my design work I titled it “Bug” (6 legs,2 wings, segmented body). Built with English Brown Oak, African ebony, and Australian sheoak. Wells on both wings display bottles behind the Ebony tambour. All joinery is mortise and tenon or sliding dovetail. Top, bottom, and feet are hard carved and left textured. Doors have knife hinges and boxwood latches.

Shop Cabinet

Pinkney Woodworks

Palladin Carter

This four-door symmetrical cabinet with bottom opening is the first cabinet I have ever made. I installed this in my grandfather’s shop a few years ago when I was starting my side business as a woodworker. My grandfather died before I was ever old enough work on a project with him, but I did inherit his shop and his love of woodworking. The cabinet body was made out of solid aspen pine planks, and was good enough to be stained; however, the doors were originally made by my grandfather, and constructed from plywood. They were originally painted white & I refinished them, and used them on this project, so it were as if we did get to work on a project together after-all. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Bar Window Opener

Ohio Wooden Bench Co.

Kenneth Luken

This project is a direct result of the covid lockdowns, my employees were going to be sent home unless I came up with a quick project… My wife and I always wanted a little extra space to socialize outside, so we started the garage in our side yard. Then came the details about finishes and appointments. So, on a napkin after a few beers here what developed:
A bar with a window that operates, then a stone counter then the ceiling needs to be something special.
The window was built from White Oak Solids (jamb and sash) completely weather striped and finished with Sherwin Williams Duration. The Gears and back board are cut from 1″ Araucoply and finished with Sherwin Williams Emerald paints.
The interior ceiling is a mix of 4 widths and 27 local hardwoods (clear finished) with T & G and a small v-Joint. The great thing about this ceiling is that this is all of our scraps from the last 24 years of Ohio Wooden Bench’s projects. This project started in March of 2020 and finished up yesterday 8/13/2022.

Entryway Table

Dakota Vogel

My project is an entryway table that I designed in a Cabinetmaking and Millwork program I took in college. I came up with this design to challenge myself with subtle curvature. It’s a nice combination of mid-century (my favorite style of furniture to make) and Japanese style. It is made of figured cherry and birch wood.

Mid-Century TV Stand

Dakota Vogel

My project is a Mid-century TV stand that a made less than a year ago. I got inspired after reading about some Mid-century furniture designers and added my touch “floating furniture” and came up with this.

Wolfenbarger Paddle


Ian Morgan

Decorative paddle made for the outgoing Regimental Commander. Additionally we (Marine Raiders and Recon) give them to deserving Marines when they leave the unit. This paddle is 75 x 10 x 1 1/2 and made of curly maple and pommele sapele. The curly maple board used is shared in three total paddles, one for each member (Colonel, Master Gunnery Sergeant, and Sergeant Major) of the command team that worked together. Made with a custom Tennessee Vols hanger. Sanded to 1000 and a simple oil finish.

Kitchen for Host of Top Chef

Etherington Designs Inc.

Ross Etherington

Custom white oak kitchen for the host of Top Chef Canada. Solid white oak frame doors with rattan panels. Solid turned island legs. Custom blackened metal appliance pulls with tan leather wrap. Venetian plaster finished walls and hood. As seen in Domino magazine here: