L'invincible TI 7 Template
L'invincible TI 7 Template
L'invincible TI 7 Template
L'invincible TI 7 Template
L'invincible TI 7 Template
L'invincible TI 7 Template
L'invincible TI 7 Template
L'invincible TI 7 Template
L'invincible TI 7 Template

L'invincible TI 7 Template

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The L’invincibile TI 7 is the most technologically advanced shaper being sold today. It is a tilting spindle CNC machining center with quick change HSK tooling. With the patented fulcrum point for tilted movement, there is no adjustment or electrical compensation necessary for the vertical spindle position or the fence position. Additionally, the L’invincibile TI 7 works in conjunction with the HSK 63B tool holder and the EASY TOUCH interface to read your tool profile. With that kind of technology, this shaper is more like a CNC work-center!

Easy Touch 12 with 7+ Axis Programmer
- Full high resolution flat screen color LCD display graphic user interface on upper mobile control panel
- Touch screen activation of all program functions
- Automatic tool detection system
- Storage capacity of up to 500 different tools with relevant picture, name, and identification number
- Tooling reader for use with programmed profiles utilizing the HSK 63B tool holder and EASY TOUCH Interface with RFD encoder technology
- Automatic Tooling Detection
- 7-axis electronic control for spindle height & angle (tilt), spindle peripheral speed, sectioned table opening, full-fence position, infeed fence position, feeder vertical & horizontal position.
- Operators help function helps with management of the coordinates for the 3 different tool points being capable to define an origin (new zero point for the machine) on a selected tool point as well as recurrent machining
- Tool peripheral speed management
- Electro-spindle speed controlled through programmer and saved with each program
- Axis positions selectable by means of numerical keyboard
- Digital readouts for all axis positions
- Quick simple machine setup in manual, semi-automatic, or automatic mode
- Easy review and modification of saved programs
- Memory capacity of 1000 working programs 

Standard Equipment
- 7+ Axis integrated touch screen control over:
- Spindle speed, height & angle, fence infeed fence, sectioned table, feeder support vertical & horizontal movement
- Program storage for up to 1,000 programs with relevant picture, name and identification number
- Automatic Tool Detection System with mobile electromagnetic readout to identify the tool on the machine with reference to the detected tool, the “EASY TOUCH” control will also…
      Indicate the saved programs referred to the detected tool
      Individuate the maximum detected tool speed
      Individuate the maximum strokes of every axis to avoid collisions
      Indicate a system of coordinates for the detected tool capable of defining an origin (new zero point for the machine on three different points of the tool profile chosen by the operator.
- Storage capacity of up to 500 different tools with relevant picture, name and identification number
- 15 Hp DIRECT DRIVE liquid cooled electrospindle with maximum power available starting at 3000 rpm.
- Inverter control of electrospindle with range from 900 to 10,000 rpm and electronic brake
- Pneumatic HSK 63B tool change system with air blower system for clean contact surfaces, and safety sensors for tool change operation monitoring: spindle rotation, tool taper lock go / no-go sensor.
- A total of (5) HSK 63B spindles 1 1/4 Inch diameter capable of handling a 40 lbs. tool along with a tooling cart
- Automatic tooling detection through RFD encoder technology!
- Spindle vertical movement on two precision linear guides, and tilt movement on precision arch-formed dovetail
trunion through recirculating ball screw drives. This is a patented tilt system with a zero fulcrum point
- Powered Automatic and pneumatic feeder support arm
- Carriage on fixed table for small tenoning operations
- Flex profiling fence system with 205mm stroke referenced to the center of the spindle shaft, with movement on two linear guides by recirculating ball screw. Fence includes the ability to stroke behind spindle.
- Spindle tilt angle from +45° to - 45° with maximum possible tool projection through angle range
- Cope attachment with 500mm stroke including miter gauge and clamp
- Fast: sectional table to adjust for tool diameter
- Aluminum fences
- Magnetic starter with overload protection
- Low tension circuit (110v by transformer)
- No LL Table extensions are included on the standard US TI 7 build

Technical Specifications

Motor Horsepower

15 Hp

Table Dimensions                           

1194 x 750mm  (48” x 29.5”)

Table Height

900mm  (35.4")

Working Height of Spindle (under the nut)

140mm  (5.5”)

Spindle Tilting

0° to 45°, 0° to -45°

Max. Tool Diameter w/ Profile Fence

250mm (10”)

Max. Tool Dia. Retractable Under Table

320mm x 75mm (12” x 2.9”)

Spindle Speeds (rpm)

900 to 10,000 rpm

Dust Outlet on Fence and Rear Base

120mm each

Overall Dimensions (L,W,H)

70” x 46” x 41” (Fence Top) / 74” (Top of LCD Screen)

Electrical Requirements

3-Phase, 230 volts

Minimum Working Air Pressure

88 PSI

Dust Extraction

680 CFM x 2