Minimax ME 28T
Minimax ME 28T
Minimax ME 28T
Minimax ME 28T
Minimax ME 28T
Minimax ME 28T
Minimax ME 28T
Minimax ME 28T

Minimax ME 28T

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The Minimax ME 28T is a compact machine boasting capacities usually only found on much larger units. Buffing, Scraping, and 3mm edge processing (5mm strips) is standard. This machine is perfect for the small to medium-sized panel processing shop, this small machine packs a lot of features, and has a favorable price as well.

- Control panel on machine infeed side
- Machine frame made of high rigidity ribbed steel to guarantee excellent support for the operating units
- Top thick steel pressure beam with rubber-coated wheels
- Exclusive feed track
- Manual adjustment of top beam with automatic positioning of the operating units to the selected panel thickness
- Numeric indicator of the selected panel thickness
- Glue smoke-specific exhaust outlet; centralized extraction of the other dusts
- Panel support roller which can be extended on the entire length of machine
- Safety enclosure
- Electrical cabinet with PLC, padlockable main switch and overload protection
- Emergency pushbuttons
- Scraping Unit (Cutter Radius 3mm)
- Buffing Unit (Two independent motors – 3000 rpm)
- Kit to process 5mm strips
- Adjustable infeed fence with numeric readout
- Automatic lowering of the glue pot temperature after temporary non-usage

Technical Specifications

Banding thickness

0.4 - 3mm (.016” - 0.12”)

Max. thickness of banding in strips

5mm (.20”)

Panel thickness

12mm – 50mm (.47” – 1.96”)

Min. – Max. panel height using edge scraping unit

16mm – 50mm (.63” – 1.96”)

Minimum panel length/width with rolled edges

190mm / 110mm

(7.48” / 4.33”)

Minimum panel length (frontal end cutting only)

120mm (4.72”)

Worktable dimensions

2900 x 570mm

(114” x 22.4”)

Working table height

904mm (35.6”)

Feed motor power

.7 Hp (.55 kW)

Feed speed

7 m/min (23 ft/min)

Operating temperature

(68°F - 374°F) 20°C - 190°C



3 Hp (2.2 kW)

Diamond cutter

Ø 80mm Z2 H=56

Blade rotation speed

9,000 rpm

Stock removal

0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 mm


Motor power

.24 Hp (.18 kW)

Glue capacity

1.76 lbs. (.8 kg)


Motor power

.5 Hp (.37 kW)

End cutting blade

Ø 90mm Z20

Blade rotation speed

12,000 rpm


Motor power

1 Hp (.75 kW)

Widia cutters

Ø 75mm Z4

Cutters rotation speed

9,000 rpm


Motor power (each)

.18 Hp (.14 kW)

Rotation speed

2,800 rpm


Single-phase, 230v

Compressed air requirement

6.5 bar

Exhaust outlet diameter (base)

4.72” (120mm)

Exhaust outlet diameter (glue pot)

2.36” (60mm)

Shipping weight

1184 lbs.