Minimax E 10 Clearance
Minimax E 10 Clearance
Minimax E 10 Clearance
Minimax E 10 Clearance
Minimax E 10 Clearance

Minimax E 10 Clearance

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This specific clearance listing machine serial number has been sold.

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Designed to be an economic, reliable and practical machine for the edge banding of straight and shaped panels. The edge bander platform is provided to give you the top-quality Italian manufacturing you need with the flexibility and competitive price point you demand. With the use of the 2 feed speeds, you get more performance than ever without the risk of damaging the panel during movement due to the anti-scratch worktable. 

- High rigidity and stability steel monoblock base
- Anti-scratch phenolic multilayer work table with modular holes complete with supports (80 standard supports)
- Shear device for rolled edges complete with roll-holder plate
- Teflon-coated hot melt glue pot installed underneath the worktable to ensure continuous glue recirculation and helps to avoid the glue from overheating
- Powerful heating system (approximately 7 min.) for immediate use with timed stand-by
- Glue application of edging material by means of a powered glue spreading roller and one powered pressure roller
- Apply edges on square, shaped and round panels
- Start/stop cycle pedal

Technical Specifications

Thickness of pre-cut edges in strips

0.4mm – 3mm

Thickness of edges with shear device
(80mm height)

(50mm height)

(45mm height)


0.4mm – 1.5mm

0.4mm – 2.5mm

0.4mm – 3mm

Edge height

0.4” – 3.3”

(10mm – 84mm)

Minimum panel width

1.96” (50mm)

Minimum panel length to be applied

8.26" (210mm)

Minimum internal radius with 0.4mm edge thickness (concave profile)

1” (25mm)

Minimum external radius with 0.4mm edge thickness (convex profile)

0.2” (5mm)

Two feed speeds

4m/min – 8m/min

Maximum operating temperature

284°F - 428°F

(140°C - 220°C)

Installed motor power

4 Hp (3.5kW)

Overall dimensions (L x W x H)

39.3” x 29.1” x 43.3”

(1000mm x 740mm x 1100mm)

Coil holder plate diameter

30.7” (780mm)


3-Phase, 230v

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