The SCM presses are the products of continuing in-house development complementing the sum of the finest skills and know-how acquired when Sergiani joined the SCM Group.

Highly versatile, it can be used for veneered panels, hollow-core doors and multi-layered panels. Available in numerous versions that can be configured with a vast range of accessories to meet all types of pressing requirements.

Sergiani GS 6/120 - Solid Platens

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Sergiani GS 6/120 - Assembled Platens

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Sergiani GS 6/90 - Assembled Platens

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Sergiani GS 8/160 - Solid Platens

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MAXprotect Warranty

Press Advantages

Structure Qaulity

The sturdy structure has been engineered with a high safety coefficient to guarantee the highest level of resistance and rigidity in each processing phase.

Hydraulic Cylinders

The steel rod is chromed with a thick layer and rectified, all gaskets are high resistance to guarantee long lifetime and perfect seal.

Control Panel With Siemens Color Touch Screen

The new control panel is equipped with a software that allows to automatically calculate the hydraulic pressure, manage the heating system, carry out a complete diagnostic, program and save all working parameters.